Inside FIFA is the award winning Soccer Mockumentary that goes inside an elite organization that holds the key to success for the top Soccer Athletes in the World.

This Mockumentary follows the cast and crew of a Kung Fu movie on their journey to complete the film while dealing with unbelievable production problems that will jeopardize the completion of the film. This film was made possible with the help and support of Scary Cow Productions in San Francisco, CA. Achievements: OFFICIAL SELECTION & WINNER (Best Film & Best Editing) - Scary Cow Film Festival (San Francisco, CA) OFFICIAL SELECTION - Albany Film Festival (Albany, CA) OFFICIAL SELECTION - LA Indie Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA) OFFICIAL SELECTION - LA Shorts Fest (Los Angeles, CA) OFFICIAL SELECTION - I HELLA Love Shorts Film Festival (Oakland, CA) OFFICIAL SELECTION - San Jose International Short Film Festival (San Jose, CA)

Santa Clara University's mascot Bucky the Bronco missed the bus to the USF game! He quickly realizes his mistake and runs for the caltrain. Will he make it to the game on time?
Created in just 24 Hours, this short film is about Brandi, a young lady from the future who flirts with Jeff, a young man from the present. When brandi leaves in a hurry, Jeff follows her to another dimension.